Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I really would hate to be homeless.

I saw a fair amount of homeless just wandering around this weekend. It must be cold and miserable this time of year. I also have nothing to back this up, but it seems like a large majority of homeless struggle with either dependence/addiction issues or mental illnesses.

It's not a resolution per se, but I think I'd really like to do more for those folks. Maybe not so much donating more to charity. Maybe I'll just carry a sandwich with me at all times and give it to someone that looks like they need it.

I can be the sandwich man.
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Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, I assure all of you it's possible to talk about certain subjects (politics, religion, sports) without being a complete asshole

I posted that on Facebook three years ago today.

Today, I commented on someone's Livejournal post regarding a political opinion. I thought I was being pretty diplomatic (I even caveated it with "this is just my opinion, it's based on my experiences, my life, my family, etc., I could very well be wrong").

It was met with...not a happy response.

I don't have an "opinion". I'm only reading "fake news" and am a slave to the media.

I still think it's possible, but I think it's less likely.

I've seen a lot of friendships, etc. dissolved by the simple inability to just...be reasonable when talking about stuff. Nobody can say "this is my viewpoint" or "this is how I see it" - it's always "THIS IS HOW IT IS AND FUCK YOU YOU'RE A RETARD IF YOU CAN'T SEE IT THAT WAY GO DIE OR SOMETHING BYE"

Disappointing, really. I try to keep an open ear and talk to a variety of different people from different walks of life. I try not to burn bridges. But...it seems like there's only a handful of people who...actually just want to talk and listen.

I feel like I once used to have good interactions. Maybe that's just selective memory and people have always been mean.


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