Jan. 5th, 2017

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Got the ignition fixed on my truck. Cost me $200 (it needed to be replaced, I guess) but whatever - the truck survives.

It's felt really cold now for several straight days. What I haven't noticed it's gone between 10 degrees (Farenheit) and 30 degrees. 20 degree difference that I haven't really detected. I guess once you're freezing and miserable it doesn't really get much better or worse.

I got around on the internet last night and saw it exploded over that group of kids (I guess? Don't know how old they were, I think high-school age) that abducted that other kid and tortured him for a couple of days while yelling about how much they hated all white people and Donald Trump.

I'll refrain from commentary on the humor in the headline that begins "Mentally disabled Donald Trump supporter..." and that Donald Trump is now the poster boy for all white people. You probably know I'm pretty immature and basically terrible by now. It is what it is.

Also, the nuts and bolts are basic. Kidnapping/torturing other people...don't do that. Also: posting it on Facebook live and showing your faces? Not the greatest way to commit a crime. They much have graduated from the Aaron Hernandez school of felonious activity.

What's weird (to me) is the massive debate over whether this should be classified as a "hate crime". Seems like it should be unanimous from a civilian standpoint that this was a pretty terrible thing to do and the wrongdoers should go to prison for an extended period of time (they're presumably under 18 so 10-20 years seems reasonable). Is there really much significance over the argument over a label? I get that the label of "hate crime" changes the way the criminal case is ultimately tried, proceeded with, and sentenced, but this is causing a high amount of angry debate and uproar - mostly directed at the city of Chicago and the police department.

Funny how there's a lot of sympathy for police "just doing their job - it's such a hard job, give them the benefit of the doubt" until they do something you don't agree with.

Don't torture other people, you'll get in trouble.

Oh yeah, I also may or may not have seen a UFO this morning over Arlington. Could be related to Donald Trump or white people - not sure yet.
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I vaguely recall this but am giggling as I'm reading about it: in order to satisfy his tax debt, Willie Nelson released an album called "The IRS Tapes" with some of the proceeds going straight to them.

Funny stuff. He should've covered "Taxman" and "Honey Where the Money Gone".

Ain't it funny how money slips away...

7th Element

Jan. 5th, 2017 10:27 pm
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I don't know why, but this song is extremely catchy. I know it's ridiculous. I cannot stop listening to it. I think it might be the guy - he looks so happy. Like he's in musical heaven.

I think Putin might be hacking my brain. Then again, this isn't exactly consistent with his LGBT thoughts.


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