Jan. 7th, 2017

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I am definitely hung over. Race in about an hour and a half.

I thought about posting this on Facebook, but I don't think most of my FB friends could handle the content. LJ it is.

Went out drinking last night. I sat next to two guys, we started chatting about the usual bar BS: women, sports, beers.

They mention at one point they're Marines (or used to be) and I offer to buy them drinks. They accept, and at this point are both a little tipsy.

They don't mention a lot of political stuff, only that they're big fans of "Mad Dog" Mattis (Trump's new Secretary of Defense), and late in the night they mention they don't make it public knowledge that they are military, stating "there's a lot of liberals around here that aren't big fans of us".

I didn't partake in any political repartee, just kept the conversation light. At one point, one man mentioned he's a commercial driver now, and the other an auto mechanic. I started yammering about jobs, and how the world is changing, and the expectations of the workforce were going to be shifting due to technology and how the world is opening up, for better or for worse.

I ended my long-winded filibuster with the old Warren Bennis quote "The factory of the future will only have two employees: a man and a dog. The man to feed the dog and the dog to make sure the man doesn't touch any of the machines".

They were fucking FLOORED. That line blew them away. By the end of the night they were both talking about going back to school and getting degrees in computer science.

They left to walk to another bar down the street. They invited me, and I declined, making up some Costanza-esque excuse about "picking up my cousin from the airport early tomorrow".

The bartender asked why I didn't go, and I just said we're on different life paths.

I have yet to fully process this exchange from last night (still hungover) but I think I'll get to it at some point.

For now, 6.2 miles in the bear suit.


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