Jan. 25th, 2017

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This could be a long one.

Haven't commented a lot on other people's journals. Head just hasn't been there.

So...where to start...

Odd. Very odd.

I'd abandoned Livejournal...since 2009 or so. Then a friend of mine (who I'd met via LJ and kept in touch with) added me to a Facebook group about LJ. I rejoined and then recently made the move to Dreamwidth. I'd reconnected and caught up a bit with that friend.

Sadly...just as soon as we'd reconnected, she's been in a pretty terrible car accident. We've all got high hopes, but it isn't looking good.

Life works in odd ways.

I hope she gets out of this OK...but it sounds ugly. I heard something about eight hours of spinal and internal organ surgery...and more scheduled later this week.

It's bizarre.

I remember my father telling me something to the effect of "death's impossible to plan for, because whenever it happens, that's it". As ambiguous as that is, it's got degrees of real truth.

She might not die. I guess I'm just trying to plan for "that's it" and what that means.

Portland has been OK. Work has been stressful. This year is going to be a lot of work and responsibility. I hope I can manage that.

We don't have a lot of focus. We're "focused" on paper, but we're focused on way too many things. I don't have enough leverage to make any big calls, but I can already tell we're going to be stretched so many ways, it'll be impossible to be that focused on anything.

It's been good to see my family, but my family's been pretty messed up since the election. I can't tell what the mood is, exactly. There's a lot of antagonistic behavior.

We went to a Hawaiian BBQ place tonight. The service sucked and everyone was kinda bitchy about that.

Went to a brewery after that and we'd had a couple so we were all pretty chatty...things got a little more loose. There was a bluegrass band there. Mediocre, but they played a funny version of "Home on the Range". I appreciated the effort.

I'm gonna try and stop off at this really great sandwich place on my way out of town. That'll make the whole trip worth my while. Not to say my family is less valuable than a sandwich, but there's a variety of stressors that come with family. I don't need to worry about that with stress.

Today marks four years since I met my current girlfriend. Hasn't felt like that long.

I did get a raise today, too. Not a huge one. But it will make a difference...and I wasn't expecting one.

I'm not sure when life will slow down for me. It'll be a while. Maybe summertime.


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