Jan. 29th, 2017

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Melissa (the girl in the car crash from my last post) is doing better.

Her family is being pretty guarded about a lot of details, but from what I understand is the day of the crash, she needed immediate surgery and once they started, things just consistently got worse and they just weren't sure what was going to happen. She made quite a comeback and is still a long ways away, but I'm glad she's rallying.

It was good seeing the family in Portland. Think I'll be back down there in March.

Bit off more than I could chew, running-wise. I took a few days off due to the emotional and mental strain of the leadership meeting. I didn't want to add any physical fatigue. Got in 5 miles on Friday, then did my mountain run (6.5 miles) on Saturday, which was tough, but I got it done. The major error was trying to run 16 today. I could've done it with a couple days rest, but having run the day before, I just didn't have it. After about 12, my body just gave up. I decided I was going to walk the rest but it got colder and colder. My hands became completely numb. I called a cab to bring me home. Slightly bitter about that...I mean, I need to train, which means I need to finish. But...I'm not doing myself any favors if I get myself sick.

I'm flying out of SeaTac this Saturday. I'm hopeful the protesters clashing with the police will have cooled a little by then. We've become kind of the hub of the protests becoming violent and getting into it with the police, who already have a hair trigger around here. I just want to quietly get on my plane and get out of town.

Saw "Hidden Figures" yesterday. It's not an amazing movie, but it is an amazing story. I was really impressed with Janelle Monae, and thought Jim Parsons did a really nice job, too. I think it'll probably get stiffed at the Oscars (there's just too many other heavy-hitting movies out there) but I think it's an untold American story that needs to be heard.

What was really disappointing was the crowd I saw the movie with. At every example of racism, I audibly heard people say "oh wow" and "oh my god". OK. When it comes to racist shit that went down in the 1960s, this was some of the most PG stuff you could come up with. It made me sad that grown people were surprised at that sort of thing. I wish people would just pick up a book and read about this stuff. Just goes to show that our biggest weakness and biggest hurdle to any real progress is just a lack of education and a lack of willingness to get it.

Got another long week at work coming up. Going to need even more mental stamina. Hopefully it calms down a bit after this weekend.


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