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It's been a few days. I'm feeling OK, I suppose.

It's been somewhat agonizing though. We had the big zone leadership summit over the last couple days. Put us up at a $200/night hotel, wined and dined us, and talked about how well we're doing financially and how we're going to keep it up this year.

So. Much. Ego. In. One. Place.

I'm never really going to have that level of confidence-bordering-on-arrogance. But...most people are at least nice to each other. Lot of laughs. It's just business I guess. For better or for worse.

Flying to Reno on Saturday. Hope it slows down a bit, travel-wise for me.

I need to catch up on sleep.

I see a judge made Trump allow people with visas to get into the US. I'm glad some form of checks and balances still exist...for now.

Friday snuck up quick.

Finishing up the last season of "Black Mirror". Have two more episodes to watch. Loved the last one - "San Junipero". Right up there with the Christmas episode in terms of quality.

Date: 2017-02-03 03:39 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] helvetica
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I think it's good to be more humble than arrogantly full of yourself! Hopefully you get some extra sleep at home soon!

I loved the San Junipero episode a lot. It stayed with me for a long time, like the Christmas Special did too! I liked the final episode of the season as well - can't wait for more episodes!


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