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I completed "13 Reasons Why"

I started watching it on a whim. Margaret gave me plenty of shit about it and soon spent every episode complaining about how it deviated too much from the books.

Anywho, some thoughts:

This is what I would call an "emotionally expensive" series.

I've attempted suicide before - it was not pretty, and I came close to checking out.

The one thing I was hoping is that it wouldn't "glorify" suicide. It sort of sort of didn't.

The suicide itself is semi-gruesome. Painful. Very hard to watch.

BUT - it feels like Hannah was the 'hero' and 'won' after killing herself. I hope this isn't an 'inspiration' to anyone that is considering hurting themselves. I fear it may. Who wouldn't want to stick it to everyone that fucked them over? I know for sure that if I was checking out, I'd love to pin my death on a handful of assholes that made my life difficult. Knowing they'd have to spend the rest of their lives with my ghost hanging around would be a comforting thought as I left town.

It's funny, though. The character I found myself hating the most wasn't the belligerent asshole rapist - it was Courtney. Courtney felt more realistic, and it seriously felt like she was a perfect manifestation of a truly horrible human being everyone has in their life. I feel they nailed that character perfectly, despite Margaret's insistence to me she wasn't enough like the book variation. Courtney came off like every phony, greedy, step-over-you-to-get-what-they-want bitch I've ever known.

Tony was an odd character. He was the true moral compass the entire show, but it made no sense how he was ALWAYS there. How is this guy constantly hovering around Clay? Doesn't he have a home?

Anywho, it's an entertaining series. Not sure it delivered the right message...and it is definitely very draining and disturbing. One of those "good but not sure I can recommend it" pieces.

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