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Yesterday was rough.

I woke up at about 7:30 AM to learn my flight home had been cancelled due to the snow in Seattle. I call the airline only to leave my number and be advised someone would call back within "3 to 4 hours" (spoiler alert: they called back six hours later).

Went over the mountain pass and had to chain up. That's always fun...not. Nothing says fun like lying in a puddle of slush trying to get a string of metal attached before your hands go numb.

Finally get to the airport and I can get on a 8 PM, six hours past when I was supposed to leave.

Got home finally around 11:30 PM.

Back to work today.

I meet with my realtor on Thursday.

I'm freaked out.

I'm worried the stress and workload of selling my house added onto my usual life struggles is going to be too much for me to bear. I'm afraid of breaking down and not being able to deal with it.

I'm worried I'm throwing too much on my plate. I'm worried about how I deal with it emotionally ruining my relationship. I'm worried I'm going to start sacrificing the things that make me happy for just the sake of getting things done that I need to do. I've done that before - it has not ended well.

I'm slightly afraid of being taken financially, but I don't think my realtor will let that happen. He's a good dude. I trust him.

Hopefully he can just put me at ease for a while.
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