Jan. 12th, 2017

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Made it through today OK. It was really cold, so I mostly just stayed indoors. Fairly light on the workload today, too. Winter is the best time of year for that reason.

I've never bought a really good pair of headphones, but this place was having a clearance sale, they were half-off, and they have a Red Sox logo on them. I'm a sucker - and I'm really enjoying them. Hard to put a price on that.

Eating healthier hasn't gone so well so far. Haven't lost any weight. Work in progress. I'll figure something out.
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The U.S. health care system pretty much sucks, but there's some encouragement from time to time.

Despite turds like Martin Shkreli trying to fleece people on medicine to keep them alive, the market eventually corrects itself and makes life easier.

Note that this product has existed for some time, it just got the price slashed even further.

It isn't common knowledge, but "Epipen" isn't an actual drug name - it's a product name. Alternatives to these jacked-up name-brand products do exist, they're just not as well-known due to lack of marketing, and that the generic brands don't have the clout to go into doctors' offices and offer them a truckload of cash to prescribe the name brand directly.

Small encouragement to start the day.
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Nothing makes me feel small and irrelevant quite like looking at space photos. Was just looking through an album of craters on Mars - most of them of Victoria, which is 750 miles in diameter.

If you're scoring at home, that's a crater that would go from the CA coast to roughly the Utah/Colorado border, and from the California/Mexico border to the Nevada/Idaho border. Pretty big.

An asteroid or something that huge hitting Earth - just one more thing to stay up at night over.


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