Jan. 16th, 2017

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Somewhat productive morning. Got to tell one of my direct reports that they absolutely failed our last file review and they took it pretty well, all things considered. I think I'm getting better at delivering feedback.

My boss is a Chiefs fan and I can tell he's in a terrible mood. Gonna have to ride this out for a couple days and just take my lumps. He's busy with other junk later this week so I'll at least avoid him for part of this week.

Need to book some kind of lodging for Chicago in October, and soon. Space is filling up really quick.

Short rant of the day: "PC" is one of my least favorite phrases.

Preaching to the choir: "PC" means doing things that are inclusive and not insulting. I.E. starting a "whites only" group at your job or school wouldn't be politically correct, because it's disrespectful and mean.

People do these idiotic things, get put on blast for it (rightfully so, most of the time), and their response isn't "What I did was wrong", it's blaming the "PC Culture".

The #1 rule of "PC Culture" is just not to be a prick. You'd think people could abide by some shred of that code, but nah. Not here, not now.

It's hard to be optimistic about anything when being a relatively decent human being is an extremely high bar for so many.
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Finally landed a place on Airbnb in Chicago for the week I'm there. Then the guy emails me and tells me he priced it wrong. He's trying to "work something out". Probably translates to "pay me more".

It's so much more difficult to book a place for you and someone else. If it was just me, I'd be able to just make an easy decision and call it a day. If something didn't work out, I'd just be hurting myself. Now that I'm hunting for me and my girlfriend, if something goes wrong, I'll have screwed it up for both of us. So I've got to find something relatively affordable, in a decent location, fairly nice, and somewhat quiet. It was a tad exhausting.

Ate relatively good today, which I'm sort of proud of. Hope I can carry it over tomorrow.


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