Jan. 20th, 2017

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Back on track, health wise. Ate really good yesterday, chugged along for 6 miles.

Hoping to get 4 in tonight, 13.1 tomorrow, 5 the next day. That should mitigate what is sure to be a really unhealthy three days in Portland next week.

The girl is getting deposed from a lawsuit from her old job. In addition to her parents' divorce, her new job, and her schoolwork, it's a stressful time. Her birthday is next week. I wish I could've worked out something special, but I don't really have the time. I think we'll just do tourist-y stuff around the city tomorrow...that should at least get her mind off stuff.

I got into work ultra-early today. Had the office to myself for 20 minutes, then people started rolling in. 5 minutes in, got the first political discussion of the day.

I tuned out most of it, but it sounded like it hit all the key points "Blah blah blah outsider blah blah blah Bernie blah blah primaries blah blah media". It's like a more irritating version of the muted trombone from the old "Peanuts" cartoon.

Best thing I've read on the internet today:

"Trump university is just the tip of the iceberg in the corruption and swindling he's pulled off."

"No big deal, in 20 years, no one will know what an iceberg is"

Brutal. I feel for anyone that has children.


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